tourvideo – rha. / paan (and a little bit leviathan)

micha has finished our tourvideo. so great to get all these moments again…thanks a lot.



+ rha. / kratzer / kyrest – tour october 2014 +

hi everybody,


we are up to going on tour with our friends from kratzer from 10th to 14th of october, and with the great kyrest from 16th till 19th of october.

FR    10.10:   Berlin – XB-Liebig (w. kratzer)
SA    11.10:    Halle – Reil78 (w. kratzer)
SO    12.10:    Mannheim – Juz (w. kratzer)
MO   13.10:    Köln – AZ (w. kratzer)
DI    14.10:    Aachen – AZ (w. kratzer)
MI    15.10:    NEED HELP
DO    16.10:   Freiburg – KTS (w. kyrest)
FR    17.10:    Offenbach – Kommune 2010 (w. kyrest)
SA    18.10:    Regensburg – Büro (w. kyrest)
SO    19.10:    Hannover  – Chez Heinz (w. kyrest)

if you want us to play at your home, your squat, anywhere – feel free to contact us.


cheers pekka


+ next show + loss of breath fest 2014 + friday 04.07.2014 +

it’s great to be at the loss of breath fest this year. It is like they say:

Loss Of Breath Fest is a celebration of friendship, d.i.y. politics, bands and music we love and not to forget: vegan food!
It’s all about getting together for 2 days, hanging out with people you love, sharing our passion for loud, fast, dark, slow, sweet and heart-felt music and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and inspired.

Be there. We are!



next show + rha. proberaumkonzert +

we are glad that we had managed to do another concert in our reherasal room. check the lineup on the flyer.

as every time you got vegan buffet.


the adress is bessemer straße 5 in lüneburg.

we also have new shirts! great design, fairtrade and ecological. made by rotwelsch-clothing.




rha. / Paan / Leviathan – back from Tour with lot impressions

hi everybody,

we are back from our ten-days tour with paan and leviathan. what should i say, that were one of the best ten-days in our bandlife. thanks to all the people, who make our concerts so special. thanks to all the people at JUZ Korn, AJZ Leisnig, Sub Graz, La Boje, Glue-Lab, Klapperfeld, JZ Oerlinghausen, AZ Mühlheim and Rote Flora for spending their time for us and the shows. Thanks for all the food, the places we could stay, for all the things you did.

And special thanks to Giovanni from the breakdown-service.











Thank you Paan, that we could do that tour with you. It was a wonderful time.

And thank you Micha for being everywhere.




Tour with Paan and Leviathan

After a lot of confusion we are very happy that our upcoming tour with Paan and Leviathan is almost booked! We are looking forward to have 10 great days in 10 different cities, playing with amazing Bands (e.g. Kratzer, Hexis, Caleya), meeting nice people…
Only one date is still open (30.03. -> between Dresden and Italy)! If anyone has got an idea please let us know!