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More than one year ago we spend one afternoon in our rehearsal room to visualize our song ‘lichtbruch’. Here is the result:

Thank you Simon for filming and cutting (http://simon-macaco.de/) and Joni for fog and light (https://www.facebook.com/luxlichter/)

last show 2014 – rha. / kratzer in kiel @ alte meierei

this was 2014…a great year, and we are allowed to end it with friends.

saturday the 6th december

@alte meierei – kiel

start 9 pm


+ next show + loss of breath fest 2014 + friday 04.07.2014 +

it’s great to be at the loss of breath fest this year. It is like they say:

Loss Of Breath Fest is a celebration of friendship, d.i.y. politics, bands and music we love and not to forget: vegan food!
It’s all about getting together for 2 days, hanging out with people you love, sharing our passion for loud, fast, dark, slow, sweet and heart-felt music and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and inspired.

Be there. We are!