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tourvideo – rha. / paan (and a little bit leviathan)

micha has finished our tourvideo. so great to get all these moments again…thanks a lot.



+ rha. / kratzer / kyrest – tour october 2014 +

hi everybody,


we are up to going on tour with our friends from kratzer from 10th to 14th of october, and with the great kyrest from 16th till 19th of october.

FR    10.10:   Berlin – XB-Liebig (w. kratzer)
SA    11.10:    Halle – Reil78 (w. kratzer)
SO    12.10:    Mannheim – Juz (w. kratzer)
MO   13.10:    Köln – AZ (w. kratzer)
DI    14.10:    Aachen – AZ (w. kratzer)
MI    15.10:    NEED HELP
DO    16.10:   Freiburg – KTS (w. kyrest)
FR    17.10:    Offenbach – Kommune 2010 (w. kyrest)
SA    18.10:    Regensburg – Büro (w. kyrest)
SO    19.10:    Hannover  – Chez Heinz (w. kyrest)

if you want us to play at your home, your squat, anywhere – feel free to contact us.



cheers pekka